Plan your trip & help your local community with our revolutionary new tool, MyTravatar

  • Discover new experiences tailored to you, whether nearby or further afield
  • Instantly find new favourite places & plan your trip
  • Claim exclusive deals
  • Build loyalty points and rewards the more you explore (receive 100 points when you sign-up)
MyTravatar will:
Never charge you to use our platform
Ensure that more money is kept in local communities
Donate 25% of our profits back into the areas you visit

Plan your personalised trips

MyTravatar helps you plan your trip by showing you personalised places you’ll enjoy based on your interests and preferences. Simply tell us where you want to go, what you want to do and we’ll automatically design a bespoke itinerary for you. Then adjust, swap or add as much or as little as you want. You can also arrange your day using our cool drag and drop function.

Find places nearby

Discover new places that you’ll love nearby.

Plan trips

Whether a day trip, weekend away or a longer break, we’ll help with your itinerary.

Grab deals

Find deals from your favourite places and why not create some new ones, nearby or further afield.

Get rewarded

Find exclusive deals from our businesses. They want you to visit them and we will reward you, simply for exploring more.

Take the stress out of planning your trip

Whether that’s finding a new local café, a day trip or a longer break, we will tailor an itinerary to your interests. We also have accommodation options should you need them. And every time you use a MyTravatar business, not only will they benefit directly but we will donate 25% of our profits to the areas you visited.


Select the location you want to go to

Pick interests

Tell us what you want to do

Need accommodation?

We've got you covered

Loyalty rewards

You can earn MyTravatar points by simply using our platform every time you plan a trip and redeem them for real rewards, bonus features and exclusive deals. Start earning today and if you want to donate your rewards to others, you can.

The more you explore the more rewards you earn!

Every time you use MyTravatar you can earn points. You can earn more points by:

Uploading photos

Writing reviews

Using deals

Visiting places

Finishing a personalised trip

Celebrating your birthday

Points lead to rewards. Exciting competitions and exclusive prizes are all for grabs so start exploring today.

Donating to the places you visit

We donate 25% of our profits back to your local community.

Our vision is to grow economies and strengthen local communities everywhere.

We make it easy to find new places you’ll love and things you’ll love to do. But we also make it easy for you to directly support the local economy at the same time.

Not only are you helping local businesses with much needed custom at a time when they need it most, but MyTravatar also donates 25% of our profits back into the places that you visit. It’s simple, the more you explore, the more we can help communities thrive, so register now.

Exclusive deals & offers

Find offers and discounts tailored to you.

Cafes, attractions, restaurants, pubs, shops and more offer exclusive deals for MyTravatar users.

2-for-1, cash discounts and added value offers, MyTravatar businesses want to showcase their products and services so you go back again and again. Click below to start planning your trip to the location you want to visit and see what’s on offer.

Discover new places

MyTravatar allows you to take the hassle out of planning your trip. You can also discover new places and create new favourites, nearby or further afield. Whether you are planning a trip for 1-day, a weekend or longer, we want to ensure that you see the best of what is on offer in your destination of choice. We provide you with suggested ideas and you can stick or twist for alternatives. You can also plan your daily itinerary using our cool drag and drop function.


Don’t just take our word for it, customers and businesses alike love MyTravatar!

I love it! This is something I will use a lot, especially when going on date days. Its something I wasn’t aware I needed in my life.

I like the done-for-you itinerary suggestions, a good starting point for any inspiration.

Great to be able to find things to do easily if out of area or new places to explore near where I live.

Easy to use and easy on the eye!

A great idea to give people ideas of places to visit on a trip to somewhere they've never visited before.

Great places to explore and I am helping businesses and my local community at the same time. Love it.

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